Generate New Leads with Display Advertising for Realtors®

One of the key aspects to being a successful a real estate agent is having name recognition and being “top of mind” when someone in your area is looking to buy or sell a home.

But doing this can be both difficult and expensive……until now.

Low Cost Advertising

Customer Journey Pros offers a simple and cost-effective solution to help real estate agents generate leads within the communities they serve: Real Estate Display Ads.

We will create a professional ad that will appear on Google’s vast network of partner websites. Your name, photo and contact information will be shown to people in your local market who are visiting websites and reading articles online.

Benefits of Real Estate Display Ads:

Google will show the Display Ads thousands of times each month… for free! There is no charge for your ad to appear all over the Internet.  You only pay when someone actually clicks your ad and visits a page to get more information about you or your agency.

We can specifically target the ads to show only in the communities that you serve by limiting them by geography (specific zip codes).

We can also create target audiences by demographics (age, gender and household income) and focus on people who are activity in the market to buy a home.

This form of online advertising is an easy and cost-effective way to get your name out in the community and find new customers!

(Please note:  The example above is intended to be a rendering of how your banner ad may appear online.  It is only an illustration to help explain the concept of Display advertising and is not a guarantee of ad placement, sizing or positioning.)


After a one-time set up fee of $75, we will manage your ad campaigns in 3 zip codes of your choice for only $79 per month.  This is much lower than the $69 per zip code that other companies charge.  In addition, you are responsible for the cost of any ‘clicks’ to your personal landing page, paid directly to Google. The cost for each visit to your web page is generally around 90 cents per click.* That’s still quite a bargain… paying roughly 90 cents to have a prospective customer learn more about you and the services that you offer.

There is no long-term obligation and you can stop the ads at any time. If you no longer want to advertise with us, we will simply free up those zip codes for other real estate professionals to use.

Yes. The monthly maintenance fee is a fixed cost, but you can decide how much you want to spend each month on ads. For example, in addition to getting thousands of views, a monthly budget of $50 will get you approximately 55 visits to your personal web page each month.

Absolutely! Unlike other companies that simply piece together your image and contact details, we work with graphic artists who will create a professional looking ad that will get you noticed.

Yes. We will provide Google with three (3) different sizes of your ad (similar to the examples below) which will help maximize your exposure online.

We provide you with monthly reports giving you an overview of how your ads are performing. This includes how many times your ads were shown and how many people clicked through to your landing page.

To get started or simply learn more about this program, simply fill out the Contact Form or send us an email

* The quoted price of “90 cents per click” is a good faith estimate based on historical data. Your actual cost may be slightly higher or lower.  But, as stated above, you are in total control of your monthly budget and Google will not charge you more than the maximum you have set.

Act Now! We are offering a limited number of available slots on this advertising platform.

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